Silver Wraith #WOF64 is sometimes called a H.J. Mulliner saloon, sometimes a Touring Limousine. It is a very comfortable car with a lot of space, suitable for four (and even five) passengers, built on the short wheelbase with body number 5323 to design 7249 of H.J. Mulliner. It is provided with the 4566 cc six-cylinder-in-line “big bore” engine, which gives the car a good amount of power. Some striking features are the very elegant rear wheel covers, the picnic tables and the Kneeling lady.
First owner of this striking car was Mr. A.A. Carswell who took delivery of his Touring Limousine in May 1952.

This Silver Wraith is in good condition throughout. Recently a major service has been performed. The complete brake equaliser was overhauled, the front brake cylinders were overhauled, the servo and the master cylinder were overhauled, and several other parts were replaced, like the lower supporting arm rubbers (tennis ball) was replaced, the supporting arm stop was replaced, the gearbox rubber was replaced, the gear box tie rod rubber was replaced, the shock-absorber stop rubbers was replaced, the brake rod rubbers was replaced, the petrol hose and the set spring gaiters were replaced. The woodwork is restored.
Finally in 2021/2022 the complete carpets have been refurbished and rimmed with leather in the original way, the roof trim was completely replaced, and the engine bay was refreshed.

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